25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World - China & Hungary

Various coffee experiences of different authors around the world


8. Coffee from China.


Yangshuo, China wins the prize for cutest coffee drink. The foam panda stenciled on top was almost too perfect to drink!


9. Coffee from Hungary.

The best coffee I’ve ever tasted was in Budapest, Hungary. Every morning, the owner of our guesthouse made us cappuccinos for breakfast and they were so good I didn’t even need to add sugar! I’m not sure what kind of beans he used, but the caramel notes of the coffee were rich and smooth. It was the perfect drink to accompany the freshly made pastries!

25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World, Part 1 - eTramping.com

Putting aside a career in marketing, Heather Hall moved with her husband to Shanghai in 2011 and spent two exciting years exploring the cultures and cuisines of East Asia.


Now back in the United States, she is eagerly planning her next expat escapade. Wherever the road takes her, she is sure to ferret out some fun!/etramping.com