25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World - Sudan & Holland

Various coffee experiences of different authors around the world


10. Coffee from Sudan.

We love coffee. Coffee culture is a huge part of our travels and we always sample the local brew. Some of our favourite moments have been when we’ve taken a break to relax with a fresh cup of Joe at a local coffee stand to people watch and enjoy a quiet moment. We have tasted delicious coffee in many places around the world most notably in Turkey, Bali and Guatemala, but the coffee that stands out most to us is in The Sudan. We were cycling Africa from Cairo to Cape Town, and Sudan was one of our favourite countries to travel through. The people were incredibly kind and giving, and the coffee was out of this world.


25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World, Part 1 - eTramping.com

The best way to drink coffee there was to pull up to a small road side stand. These stands were just basic stops but many men surrounded the fire drinking coffee with huge smiles on their faces. The freshly hand ground beans were put directly in a metal kettle boiling over an open flame. They poured our coffee in to small glasses and we drank several helpings before moving on through the Nubian Desert. That coffee was so rich and delicious, it was difficult to go back to regular coffee after that. I don’t know why the West has to corrupt coffee with horrible brews like Nescafé and Folgers, but if you get out of the hotel and explore the local scene, you will find coffee shops that serve brews the way they’ve been serving for centuries and it is truly the most delicious blend you will ever taste. Keep it simple, that’s what we say.


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11. Coffee from Holland.

My best coffee experience was in Efteling,a fairy-tale theme park located in the town called Kaatsheuvel, in the Loon op Zand municipality. I ordered a creamy skinny latte with a piece of cherry chocolate.


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