25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World - Thailand & Bali

Various coffee experiences of different authors around the world

6. Coffee from Thailand.


The best coffee I’ve tried in my life so far was from Chiang Mai’s coffee shop, prepared by World No.6 Latte Art Barista  It was so delicious, the taste was reach, full…oh I can’t describe this taste, it was gorgeous! I never drink coffee without sugar, but I couldn’t even think of putting sugar in my coffee from Ristr8to, I was afraid to spoil the taste…it was amazing!


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25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World, Part 1 - eTramping.com

7. Coffees from Bali.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try kopi luwak, coffee brewed from beans that have passed through the digestive track of a civet. That’s right—the small, Indonesian animal has to excrete the beans to make this highly sought after cup of Joe. Kopi luwak first gained popularity from its appearance in the movie The Bucket List; that coupled with its rarity means that some Western restaurants charge upwards of $80 a cup. To be honest, our taste buds weren’t quite sophisticated enough to notice anything different between this and a standard cup of coffee, but it still topped our list of memorable experiences in Bali.


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Anomali Coffee in Bali, Indonesia


In my opinion, they serve one of the best coffees in the island and use coffee beans from Indonesia only. The ambiance of the cafe is very cozy with wooden interior; I could easily spend hours here. My favourite menu is Ice Blended Mocha Latte which has quite strong taste of coffee, then mixed with the right amount of milk and chocolate powder. Or when the weather in Ubud is quite chill then I would order their Café Latte. It has a strong aroma with creamy texture and taste mild.


Black Canyon Coffee in Bali, Indonesia


I always order Mocha Glacier in this café to cool down when the weather in Bali is way too hot. It’s basically ice blended coffee, milk and chocolate then topped with chocolate ice cream. I like to wait until the ice cream melted and mixed it. The taste is not too sweet because it has a hint of bitter of chocolate. Bliss!


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