25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World - Budapest & Bosnia

Various coffee experiences of different authors around the world


20. Coffee from Budapest.


A cappuccino from My Little Melbourne, Madách Imre út 3 Budapest Being from Melbourne, one of the coffee capitals of the world, I’m somewhat of a coffee snob. Coffee in Europe has been a massive let-down, save for the coffee paradises of Italy and Austria, and I’ve largely stayed away from drinking it anywhere else. That was until I found out about a little cafe in Budapest, of all places; called ‘My Little Melbourne’ it set my expectations pretty high. Somewhat risking it, I settled on a cappuccino. These guys knew what they were doing; out came an artisan coffee complete with a ByronBay cookie, and I was in heaven. The coffee was strong, hot and packed a punch, and I even ordered a second an hour or so later. Sitting al fresco in the Budapest sun, it could easily have passed for a lazy Sunday afternoon in a nondescript Melbourne laneway.


25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World, Part 1 - eTramping.comCaitlyn is a twenty-something Australian living in the Netherlands. She has a different view from the office everyday, working as a tour guide across 23 European countries. She blogs about what she loves: travel, sport and food.


21. Coffee from Bosnia.

This tiny little cup of ‘Bosnian’ coffee I got in Sarajevo, Bosnia each afternoon for 1 dollar will knock your socks off. By the time you get to the bottom it’s like drinking mud, it’s so thick! The grounds are left in the bottom to help you get your A.M. buzz and the taste was delightful. Give it a quick stir and drink it fast!


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