25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World - Canada

Various coffee experiences of different authors around the world


24. Coffee from Canada.


Initially I had wanted to write about Brazilian coffee. When I went to Brazil in 2009 and stayed with my friend and his family, his mum would make the most delicious coffee. Not having really been a coffee drinker before, this experience changed me. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos, so instead I will tell you about a Canadian coffee-drinking experience. That said, I hope someone has covered the Brazilian stuff! Hopefully without sounding like either an ad or a complete stereotype, I bring you Tim Hortons! Whenever I am traveling, good, cheap coffee is something I miss. When I spent 3 months traveling around the world this past summer (and suffering the dreadful instant coffee in Russian hostels), to land at the Vancouver airport and see and smell Tim Hortons coffee was such a comfort. Tim Hortons coffee is reliable and cheap. My regular is a “coffee with 1/3 hot chocolate”. Half hot chocolate is too sweet, and 1/4 is just not sweet enough. Many Canadians still enjoy Starbucks and other chain coffees, but to my palate, Starbucks coffee is burnt, and to my wallet, a painful dropkick to the guts . To me, Tim Hortons coffee represents time with my grandparents, as I have had countless cups with them, and a sense of familiarity, which is always nice when returning home from a long trip.


Colleen has been traveling and living overseas for almost a decade and has visited nearly 40 countries. Most recently, she went around the world – from the Caribbean, to Iceland and Western Europe, to Russia, Mongolia and Hong Kong. She is currently in her second year of optometry at the University of Waterloo in Canada and plans to work overseas in the future to help others with their vision and ocular health./etramping.com