25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World - Spain & Italy

Various coffee experiences of different authors around the world


14. Coffee from Spain.


The Spanish work day is long, and the people stay up late. To me, having a coffee in the mid-morning or late afternoon is not only necessary, but part of the culture here. It is rare to find coffee to-go even in the capital, and most people will savor a cup while chatting with friends or outside in one of the many plazas. While you can get a cheap cup at any local Spanish bar, there are also many new trendy cafes all scattered through the Malasaña neighborhood offering high quality roasted beans with a hip atmosphere.


25 Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World, Part 1 - eTramping.com

Spanish coffee is strong, and I usually order the most popular cup, a “cafe con leche” (half coffee and half hot milk). Sometimes it will come in a small mug, or other times in a clear glass. This has never made much sense to me, since it’s almost impossible to hold and drink if it is scolding hot! It doesn’t matter though, it’s Spain- there’s no rush!


Ever since college graduation, Jessica has been on a continuous journey to see the world through the eyes of an expat.She first moved to South Korea to teach English for two years.  She now calls Spain, the land of vino and siestas, home. When she isn’t trying new tapas in Madrid, you will probably find her in the Asian supermarkets searching for authentic ingredients to make Pad Thai or Korean bipimbap.


15. Coffee from Italy.

Found this café while I was walking towards the Pantheon. Smells of coffee filled the air and I saw quite numbers of people were queuing so I joined them. Turned out their coffee was really delicious. It has smooth texture and has a strong, bold flavor./etramping.com