5 Most Unusual Uses of Coffee

Most of us know coffee as something to be eaten or drank, depending on the preparation. Not a few would be surprised that coffee has a lot of many other uses, some more unusual than the rest. Let us check five of these.


File:Instant coffee.jpgDye


Whether it is to dye hair in rich coffee brown color or dye a shirt or any piece of clothing which has been stained by coffee anyway, coffee provides the perfect natural dying substance for the best results. With a pot of coffee that has been cooled from hot to warm, use the contents and leave on hair for about 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


Scouring and Cleaning Element


Ground coffee is naturally abrasive though more on the light side. It is highly suitable for use in on greasy and grime-stained objects. You can be sure it would be much gentler on your hands than commercial cleaning agents and while smelling good too.


Natural Deodorizer


Dried ground coffee can be used as deodorizer in the refrigerator or any part of the house. It readily absorbs offensive strong smells similar to that accomplished by coal and baking soda although on a lower scale. The coffee smell itself provides such an enticing atmosphere to any place.


Insect Repellent


Ants and some other insects purposely avoid coffee which works as an effective repellent. Again, use of poisonous chemicals is avoided by opting to use coffee. Of course this option is not advisable for body use.


Plant Food and Protection


Some plants including azaleas and evergreen grow better when coffee or whatever is left in the morning cup  is poured on its soil. It is  also suitable for compost making. Coffee also repels maggots and other insects that may possibly attack the plants./BC