Coffee Capital

Vienna without coffee would be like a latté without the milk foam. Coffee lovers are spoilt for choice in the Austrian capital where beautiful cafés and a multitude of other attractions await discovery.


Coffee is not only drunk in Vienna, it is also roasted here. The city's smallest roastery can be found near the Naschmarkt. The Alt Wien Kaffee greets guests with the intense aroma of a coffee blend that is roasted daily in small 12-kilogram batches. After each handpicked batch is prepared, the results can be tasted at the bar. The Alt Wien Kaffee serves 14 types of coffee, including several organic and fair trade varieties. Visitors can also watch how the aromatic coffee that makes their mélange is prepared at popular café The Roast.


Naber, a Viennese family business now in its fourth generation, has been roasting coffee since 1908. The family's roasting house in the 21st district uses only the finest highland Arabica beans. The finished products include four types of espresso, organic coffees and special mixtures made according to customers' wishes. Naber also operates two espresso bars with an attractive 1950s design where visitors can buy packaged varieties or enjoy a fresh cup.



The coffee served at the 26 Aida cafés throughout the city is freshly roasted three times a week. Since 1958 Aida has imported its own beans that are prepared in Vienna according to a secret recipe. Aida coffee is sold in the company's signature pink packages to take home, or can be ordered from its online store, which offers worldwide delivery. Freshly roasted coffee to take away or instant drinks are also available at the Kaffeefabrik. The small, purist outlet is a coffee bar and roast house in one.


EspressomobilWhat's more, melange and co. are not only drunk in Vienna's coffee houses. The Espressomobil also serves coffee and Gugelhupf in parks and other public places. To achieve this, a Vespa car was converted into a mobile coffee dispenser with a retro look. The Espressomobil can be found almost daily (except in rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures) at four locations: in the Sigmund Freud Park at Schottentor, in the Old General Hospital, at the U4 station Spittelau and at number 39, Mariahilfer Straße./