Coffee Hulling

Coffee hulling has a very rich and interesting history. Learning more about coffee hulling and its history is a fun experience due to the numerous interesting facts. The history, hulling process, and types of coffee hulling are very stimulating topics. There are a lot of unknown facts about this very important part of the coffee making process. Hulling was once a manual process, but is it is now automatically handled by machines known as hullers.


Coffee Hulling History

Hulling is a term that is part of the process of making coffee. Hulling is a part of the milling process and is very important to coffee making. In 1894, the first coffee hulling machinery was patented by C.E Lip, who patented and designed many helpful inventions. The machine was designed to make the hulling process easier by separating and cleaning the coffee berries. The machine was the very first of its kind. It completely changed the way that coffee was made. Coffee making companies enjoyed increased production and a finer accuracy of the hulling process.


Coffee Hulling Process

Hulling takes place when the coffee is still in bean form. Machines are responsible for the hulling process. The parchment layer of the coffee, which is also known as the endocarp, is removed when the coffee is wet. Dry processed coffee hulling is a process that entails removing the husk once it is dried. The whole dry husk, including the exocarp, endocarp, and mesocarp, are removed from the cherries that are already dry. The different types of hulling are important to the coffee making process. The hulling, drying, and cleaning process can take as long as eight hours to complete. There are basically two types of coffee hulling. The huller machine is also responsible for polishing the beans. The beans are milled, but they have not been roasted yet. These are known as green coffee beans. Each stage in the hulling process is very important to the overall quality of the bean.


Types of Coffee Hulling

There are different types of coffee hulling. Most coffee hulling machines remove parchment layers and remove dry cherries. There are many different types of coffee hulling machines, but most perform these two basic functions. Cleaning and hulling is a vital part of the coffee making process. Hulling can ensure the best possible flavor. Many coffee beans are imported, which make the cleaning process extremely important. The two basic types of coffee hulling consists of wet and dry hulling. Each process is the same, but also can be very different. New methods of hulling are always being developed.



All in all, coffee hulling is a very important part of the coffee making process. The development of the coffee hulling machine was a very big deal for coffee companies. Their speed and accuracy greatly improved production. The extensive coffee making process requires hulling on a regular basis. The hulling process and two types of hulling are important in making everyday coffee.