Coffee or Tea: Which Benefits Your Body More?

Coffee and tea are both credited with the presence of antioxidants that are deemed good for human health. However, there seems to be some debate as to which offers more benefits to the human body. Is one better than the other or do they fare just the same in the health scale?


The Similarities

Coffee and tea are both popular beverages drank most especially in the morning and usually during the rest of the day. Both can be served hot or cold, depending on the personal preference of drinkers. They also have different variants in flavor and aroma.


Both beverages are able to provide antioxidants that help fight off certain diseases. However, these two beverages contain caffeine which may be harmful to health when consumed beyond the safe level. Brewed coffee and black tea have more caffeine than their other variants such as espresso and green tea. Both are said to be effective in preventing the development of Diabetes and Liver Disease. Coffee and tea can be drank to address sleepiness and lethargy.

The Differences

The coffee beverage is obtained from beans while tea is derived from leaves, roots, flowers, herbs, or spices. As to illness and diseases, tea is said to be more effective against inflammatory disorders and arthritis while coffee is associated with its advantage in the fight against asthma and Parkinson’s Disease. Coffee and tea have their own distinct taste which is nowhere near the other.


Coffee is believed to have originated from Ethiopia while tea traces its long history to China. Each beverage is also associated with a different lifestyle. While coffee is often drank hurriedly, sipping tea requires a leisurely pace for proper enjoyment.

Which is Superior ?

Just when we thought everything has been settled in the matter of superiority between these two popular beverages, there is always one more study that will prove the benefits of each. Since it has been agreed upon that both contain helpful antioxidants albeit in varying levels, it is clear that both offer health benefits. The caveat is always on the amount taken in on a regular basis because of the presence of caffeine.


Some health advocates suggest a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup or two of tea throughout the day. There are supporters of coffee in the same manner that there are supporters of tea. More medicinal benefits are credited to tea however, but flavor preference may just be a major deciding factor./brewedcaffe