Imaginative Coffee Shops 1

Caffeine plays a key role in the day to day lives of so many people, which is why coffee shops can be found on just about every street corner. In such a competitive industry it's important for businesses to have some kind of creative edge over the competition.

Boutique Cafe

Citizenry in Toronto is Redefining the World of Cafes


Move over traditional boutiques and cafes,Toronto’s fashion cafe, Citizenry, is here to combine both your shopping and caffeine needs. Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Citizenry is making a splash.


Citinzenry is owned by Paula Seiça and Basilio Fernando Ferreira, who have labels based in Portugal.


Creativity-Charged Cafes

This cafe comprises of a back shelf for retail. Citizenry also offers a taste of Old Europe with baby pink settee and stucco walls. The clothing comprises of Daniela Barros and Story Tailors. Chiefly catering to women until now, Citizenry is set to launch menswear by this month.


The cafe offers accessories like rings, chokers, umbrellas.


BASE camp "Nest One"


The BASE camp by Nest One is a technology-focused innovation center, channelling the power of creativity and communication. The hybrid space functions as a cafe, mobile shop, workstation, meeting space and event hall.


Situated in Berlin, Germany, the preceding base camp also served as a collaborative space for journalists, congressmen and entrepreneurs to discuss and build ideas. The newly-designed shop is a home away from the office, equipped with cozy nooks and delectable cafe goods. With lockers for laptops and wireless connection throughout the building, meetings with colleagues couldn't be easier. The ever-updating Twitter wall serves as a ticking clock to remind and inspire visitors of global trends.


The Berlin BASE camp by Nest One takes open concept design and infuses it with the tools necessary for building extraordinary ideas./trendhunter