Imaginative Coffee Shops 2

Caffeine plays a key role in the day to day lives of so many people, which is why coffee shops can be found on just about every street corner. In such a competitive industry it's important for businesses to have some kind of creative edge over the competition.


Homey Eclectic Cafes


Exactly what you would desire in a neighborhood restaurant and bar, Tangent Café is all about cozy boutique flair, comfy vibes and home-style food and beverages.

E gjendur në Vankuver, kjo kafene me stil të larmishëm mirëpret evenimente xhazi me ushqime që ta ngrohin zemrën. E shtrirë në një lagje në zë për të keq për kallaballëk, pronarët e kafenesë u bashkuan me studion kreative Fivethousand Fingers për t’u siguruar që hapësira e krijuar prej tyre të jetë e ngrohtë dhe mikpritëse.


Apothecary-Inspired Coffee Shops

Located in Vancouver, this new eclectic cafe hosts live jazz events to be enjoyed with heartwarming meals and crafty beers. Nestled in a neighborhood notorious for high turnover, the cafe owners teamed up with creative studio Fivethousand Fingers to make sure the space they created was warm and welcoming.


The results are beautifully honest and raw. This eclectic cafe strikes the perfect balance when it comes to visual happiness and a comfortable social atmosphere.


Having worked on all the deliverables for the brand, Fivethousand Fingers produced the print collateral, menu design and production, indoor and outdoor signage, interior decoration and the overall artistic direction for Tangent Café.


Apothecary-Inspired Coffee Shops


This New Orleans Starbucks location is setting a design example for coffee brands across the nation. Taking inspiration from the city's history as a former coffee trading port and the city's unique identity, the design team put together a Starbucks that looks more like an apothecary in the early 19th century.


From the store's visual aesthetics, the tenuous amount of detail the designers of the store went to in recreating the store space is evident. The front room features floor-to-ceiling shelves with a large coffee bar in front. The seating area is also extremely detailed, resembling the atmosphere of a former merchant's living room with vintage couches, chairs and comfortable sofas.


Starbucks' designers also involved local artists in the project to reflect the creative artistry and culture of New Orleans. Local artists David Borgerding and Jason Horton built chandeliers made of wrought iron gates, vintage horn instruments, which work to tell the history of New Orleans old coffee trading port./trendhunter