Moomin Café offers lonely customers stuffed animals to sit with during lunch

A restaurant claims to have solved the dilemma of solo dining alone by offering customers the chance to eat with large stuffed animals instead.


The Moomin Café in Tokyo, Japan has a selection of toys available to keep you company over lunch.


The stuffed animals are characters from the popular Moomin books from Finland and are offered to customers by staff.


There are some drawbacks of course. They can’t speak, they can’t give you relationship advice, they can’t give you a hug when you need one… but at least they won’t try to nick your chips.


Many patrons have been sitting down with the Moomins, which are modelled on hippopotamuses, and then sharing photos on social media.


The Café recently launched in New York too, but there’s no word as to whether it will be coming to the UK.

Moomin, Cafe
Moomin, Cafe
The café is a tribute to the The Moomins books from Finland (Picture: Cartoon Network)
The Moomins, cafe