Reigniting Romance in Marriage with Coffee

As couples go through years of marriage, romance will have the tendency to take the back burner behind parental responsibilities, household duties, and career demands. Although this is a common scenario in marriage, you and your spouse need not go the same path. With a little more effort than usual, romance in marriage can be reignited even through simple things like coffee.


Know Your Partner’s Coffee Taste and Make One for Each Other


Many couples proudly say that they know their partners very well. They would know just about everything there is to know about each other but would suddenly face a blank wall when asked about specific things like how the other likes to take coffee. Paying to attention to seemingly small details such as coffee tastes and preferences goes a long way in sending a message of true love. Of course, it shouldn’t stop from simply knowing and should extend to serving coffee to each other at every opportune time even without being asked.


Serve Coffee in Bed


What could be more romantic than serving coffee and breakfast in bed to a spouse who has had a specifically tiring previous day? It shows that you know and acknowledge the sacrifices made by your partner in performing his or her role in the family. The one being served coffee in bed will certainly not miss the special attention given and will usually respond in the same way probably in some other time. The sense of romance can actually be recreated anywhere whether it is in the bedroom or any overseas getaway by giving precious time and attention.


Have a Coffee Date

Married couples are always encouraged to set aside their own time together, away from household chores and corporate pressure. A weekly or monthly date is one of the simplest romantic effort a couple can agree on. They can even do some romantic make-believe scenarios during these dates like pretending they’re meeting each other for the first time to reminisce excitement.


Talk to Each Other Over Coffee


What better excuse for a couple so sit down and just talk than having an enjoyable sip of coffee? Of course, this simple gesture needs time and would not work in a hurried environment. Having the leisure of time and attention for each other never fails to reignite romance in marriage so why not do it sometimes over coffee?/BC