Taiwanese coffee machine lets drinkers print selfies onto lattes

It’s an invention that may cause talented latte artists the world over to spit out their milky brown drink in sheer horror, but either way, the new photo-printing coffee machine wowing drinkers across Taiwan looks set to stay.


The machine is the idea of drinks company Let’s Coffee, which operates a chain of vending kiosks inside Taiwan’s Family Mart convenience stores.


The whole process is straightforward enough – when ordering a latte, customers are prompted to snap a selfie on their smartphone before sending it to the machine which, at the end of the coffee-making process, prints the photo on the foam using edible brown powder. Text can be added too.


If the company’s sample photos are anything to go by, the results are rather impressive, and certainly beat the efforts of a similar machine that DT’s Natt Garun came across at SXSW in Austin earlier this year.



To find out more about this unique coffee-making photo-printing contraption, check out the company’s video below./digitaltrends