The Art of Coffee Cupping

Cupping is to coffee as tasting is to wine. It is about getting to know the different tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. Professionals who are into this activity are called master tasters.


Basically, cupping involves sniffing the coffee and actually sipping it to taste the flavor. Tasters then analyze and take note of the feel of the drink in their mouth or what they term as the body, its sweetness, acidity, flavor and aftertaste.


To effectively tell which kind of brewed coffee stands out, one needs to learn the technique of cupping.


By gaining this new skill, you will be surprised to find out the existence of a wide variety of coffee flavor and aroma. As you know, coffee is grown in the different parts of the world and if you’re a

coffee-holic, becoming a master taster might be for you.


There are many schools offering this course today that can take a few days. The sessions can take place at the roasters shop or at a cafe involving a number of interested adults.


Each session normally accommodates from six to 10 people. Then samples of each coffee are provided on the table.


Tasters do not always agree on which coffee is the best. That’s normal, though, because not everyone shares the same palette. What counts is that participants respect each other’s opinions and be open to learning more as time goes by.


The experts would say that practice and the willingness to learn from other people are the keys to becoming a successful cupper. Add to that are having a humble disposition and the commitment to contribute substance to every session./brewedcoffe