Three Most Impressive Contemporary Coffee Shops in the World

Coffee shops or coffeehouses have long served its purpose as a social place for meeting people. Many historical coffee shops have  fortunately been preserved and still enjoy the patronage of coffee aficionados. Through time, a lot of contemporary coffeehouses  have made their mark and these are the three most impressive in terms of ambiance and the coffee served.














Bakeri, New York

Bakeri is an artisenal bakery cum coffee shop located at Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. It is known for making its own bread, jam, and butter. It also offers one of the coziest atmosphere among the exisitng contemporary coffee shops today.


Exceptional is a word often used to describe the coffee it serves. It uses coffee beans from Counter Culture Coffee. The interiors bring customers back to a certain period which is a lot subtle and calmer than the present. Bakeri also serves breakfast and lunch.




Allpress Espresso

The story of Allpress Espresso began in New Zealand when Michael Allpress chose to concentrate on having a career related to his love for traditional Italian espresso in 1986. His idea reached Australia before he brought it to UK. Allpress Espresso is now synonymous to to a coffee roaster and espresso speacialist.


It has at least six existing caffetterias located in Auckland, Ponsonby, Dunedin, Sydney, Melbourne , and in London. The owners call these places their walking billboards which operates in close relation with the roastery in Auckland. Aside from its very popular Allpress coffee, all their caffetterias serve Italian-style sandwiches. Freshly-roasted blends are always available for sale for customers who would like to brew the famous coffee at home.




Cafe Des Deux Moulins, Paris

Cafe Des Deux Moulins will always be remembered as the coffee shop used in the classic film Amelie. It served as the main character’s place of work which looks like a charming vintage coffeehouse in every angle. It has pretty much remained a comfortable neighborhood cafe and that is where its main attraction emanates from.


It has survived the big decline of Paris coffee shops even as it seems to be unable to adjust to the expectations of the younger customer base. Its location is very much part of its plus points as it provides an exciting vantage point for observing the lively street market. This pavement cafe has become a tourist attraction in itself even for those who are not exactlycoffee lovers.