What Goes Best with Coffee?

Many people who drink coffee often prefer to have it with cookies or pastries and even fruits. It’s been a long tradition.

But did you know that there are specific food that go best with certain coffee flavors?


Coffee and cake is a classic pair, for example. You need to find out more here so that the next time you go out with friends and family, you would know what to order together with your coffee regardless whether it’s the hot or cold type you want.

Chocolate cake is best paired with roast coffees, medium or dark. The chocolate mousse cake goes well with most Arabica coffees. Carrot cake, on the other hand, matches well with Columbian coffee.


Then there’s coffee cake that can be eaten along with light- or medium-roast Hawaiian and Nicaraguan coffees.

Brownies can be paired with coffee from Indonesia or Guatemala.

Biscotti is perfect for coffee if you’d like to go Italian. The full flavored type can be paired with espresso. Biscotti comes in a variety of flavors including almond, cherry and chocolate.

Cinnamon buns go well with Guatemalan and Colombian coffees. The unique taste of cinnamon is always a nice mix with coffee, don’t you think?

Doughnuts, whether the plain or sweetened type, are also often paired with coffee. They’re best eaten with sweet Costa Rican coffee.

Muffins never go out style when served with any coffee. Some people, however, prefer them with Costa Rican and Mexican coffee.