Why Coffee Shops are the New Writers’ Nook

What is it with writers and coffee shops? Is there anything about the ambiance of coffee shops that inspires writing or have writers just found a convenient way to get their usual coffee dose without having to go anywhere else? Whatever it is that responsible for this, it looks like coffee shops can be considered the new writers’ nook of today.


Writers would usually be found in their home office (or a semblance of a writing area in a home) or a rented office in a building. There are actually no hard and fast rules when it comes to a writer’s working area. As long as he or she is able to do what is intended, then that area shall serve as the working area.


We presume that writers would want an area with reasonable quiet, comfort, and inspiration to provide. Most writers will agree to this. However, most will also say that there comes a time when a change of atmosphere is needed to keep the creative juices flowing. Some wouldn’t like it to be as quiet and would want to see life in action. Many would not want to be disturbed by the tasks of preparing food and cleaning-up after lest the trail of thought gets disrupted. Apparently, writers have discovered a gold mine in coffee shops to provide them all these without running up to the cost of renting another space.


Why Coffee Shops?


If you have the chance to look over freelance writing resources that are widely available today, you would realize that there is so much opportunity lying in wait for writers. Since writing is not usually thought of as a reliable source of income, many initially venture into it on a part-time basis while holding on to their regular jobs. Coffee shops present the most convenient in between stop areas to do some writing.


Why not? Consider the healthy mix of quiet and activity all throughout the day. Consider the choice to be alone in a coffee booth or socializing with other freelancers in the area. Consider the convenience of having Internet connection and readily available food when required. Consider the comfortable feel of chairs and tables that coffee shops are known for. Of course, it need not be said that writers who use coffees shops as temporary working areas must do the proper thing and pay for food while occupying the area. That way, coffee shop owners and employees would welcome their presence./bc