Why we love coffee at work

We are a workforce that has to balance many different things between our normal lives and our careers. There seems to be not enough hours in the day to get everything that we need to get accomplished. We lack sleep, always tired, and just barely have enough energy to get through the day. The one thing that we can count on is that fresh, cup of coffee in the morning to get us going from zero to hero.


The aroma of the fresh cup of coffee awakens your senses and as you take your first sip and that precious coffee bean sparks interests in your taste buds. Your eyes begin to open up, you gain clarity when things looked foggy before, and now you feel ready to start your work day. Time to get in your car and prepare for that long journey to the office during rush hour traffic.


There are so many people that would take the stand at their local court house and attest that coffee, somehow improves their productivity at the office by making them more alert and aware. They would not be able to go to any meetings in the day and be able to contribute or stay awake for that matter without their coffee. The number of late nights working in the office spending time to meet customer's demands and strict, management oversight has caused a lot of stress on our workers.


The number of projects that we have to take on in addition to our workload based on doing more work with less resources has proved to be very taking on workforce. People begin to rely on having coffee to help them balance all of the stresses and the multi-tasking that is required at our jobs.


There are so many good excuses to go out with a couple of co-workers and get some coffee. You can go visit the local coffee shop and discuss the office politics of the day in a social setting away from the office. There is no better place to begin bonding and building trust with the people that you work with then going on trips outside the office. You can talk about anything that you want from news, work, politics, comedy, movies, or anything that will facilitate the conversation. We love our coffee that gives us the energy to be productive and enjoy the company of our co-workers./examiner