• 18 August 2013

    Study: Heavy coffee drinking under 55 linked to early death

    When you make coffee with breakfast, or grab a to-go cup at a cafe before work, or raid your office's break room for a cup in the afternoon, you're probably not thinking about how scientists are studying it.

  • 16 August 2013

    Coffee In The Middle East; The Best Way To Do Business

    Showing respect over a cup of coffee is a founding element of Middle Eastern family and business culture

  • 08 August 2013

    The sidewalk cafe

    The sidewalk café in Paris is a universal meeting place. Found on nearly every street corner, sometimes three or four in a row are adjoined, all equally boisterous, full of tourists and locals.

  • 07 August 2013

    The History of Greek-Style Frappe

    Working at an exhibit for Andreas Dritsas, then the Greek distributor of Nestle products, sales representative Dimitrios Vakondios made an important discovery.

  • 03 August 2013

    The Smallest Cafe In North America

    La Distributrice është një kafene lilipute në Montreal, që pohon të jetë më e vogla në Amerikën Veriore. Part of the hook at La Distributrice is that they claim to be “the smallest cafe in North America.”

  • 17 July 2013

    Vienna's coffee houses: cafés in a class of their own

    Coffee has played an important part in Vienna's social life since 1683, when the Turkish invaders, chased out of town by allied forces led by the Polish cavalry, reputedly left behind bags of the stuff by the city gates.

  • 03 July 2013

    Does Coffee Reduce Appetite?

    Millions of us cannot start the day without our coffee. Is that such a bad thing? According to several studies, regular coffee reduces our risk of developing diabetes, mental illness, many cancers, and overall mortality. However, no scientific studies have looked at whether coffee might affect appetite.

  • 01 July 2013

    Social Networking in the 1600s

    Yet such worries have arisen before. In England in the late 1600s, very similar concerns were expressed about another new media-sharing environment, the allure of which seemed to be undermining young people’s ability to concentrate on their studies or their work: the coffeehouse. It was the social-networking site of its day.